Eat Stuffed Celery Until The Feast Is Ready

Here's an American-style vegetable dish for your Thanksgiving pre-feast noshing. It's celery! Stuffed with cream cheese*, mostly.

This Thanksgiving classic goes great with cocktails, so keep the recipe in mind next time you throw a party. Also, discuss in the comments your favorite cocktail to have before the holiday feast. The Buffalo-style variant we'll discuss is also great football-watching snack any time you're watching the football.

Stuffed Celery Two Ways

8 oz. cream cheese

4 oz. blue cheese (Any kind you like. The cheap stuff works great.)

A couple dashes Worcestershiretondale sauce

More than a couple dashes of hot sauce

6-8 celery stalks, well-rinsed and nasty edges trimmed


Crumble the blue cheese over the cream cheese in a bowl. Let that get up to room temperature.

Shake the Worcestershire sauce onto the cheeses. Mix it up with a fork, until it's pretty well combined.

Put half the mixture into another container and set aside. This is the first way.

Add hot sauce to the remaining half of the cheese and mix to combine. This is the second way, and the Buffalo-style variant mentioned above.

Fill the celery stalks with the cheese mixtures. You can cut the celery into more manageable sizes, or leave the stalks whole for more dramatic presentation.

Arrange on a plate, sprinkle with paprika, and find some room for them on that table over there by the olives.

* We at the recipe hub are worried you may not be eating enough. You look thin. This is why Mojopo and I have provided so many cream cheese recipes. Either that or we're in the pocket of Big Dairy.


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