Ed Schultz And Robert Gibbs Exchanging Curses, Over Liberalism


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/Ya1LIRJWqAc&hl=en_US&fs=1& expand=1]

Here's how a recent conversation went between MSNBC's Real-Merkin-looking secret communist dragon Ed Schultz and White House human Robert Gibbs... according to Ed Schultz, as he recalled it at a conference this weekend:

SCHULTZ: You're full of shit, Robert Gibbs!

GIBBS: Hey fuck off, Ed Schultz!

SCHULTZ: Whoa c'mon man, why you gotta curse...

GIBBS: ???

SCHULTZ: I demand single-payer, post haste!

'Tis an agile dragon, no?

As usual, The Internet follows up:

Asked about Schultz’s account, Gibbs emailed that in their private talk, he strongly took issue with Schultz’s claim that the health care bill is a gift to the insurance industry.

Gibbs adds that he demanded Schultz tell him “why he’d tell his viewers something so completely and knowingly wrong in an attempt to get people to watch his show.”

It’s an unusually harsh charge, given that the Obama White House would presumably like to calm frayed nerves on the left, and one imagines that in response, Schultz will not do a great deal to dial down the volume.

Oh God. Ed Schultz will have Jane Hamsher on his show a full 17 times just tonight, circulating petitions calling for the murder Robert Gibbs.

[The Plum Line]


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