Edible Landscaping Tips For Beginners! Tabs, Fri., March 3, 2023

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Alex Murdaugh go to jail FOREVER. (People mag)

Florida bill SB 1316 would require bloggers who write about the governor or any other member of the Cabinet or the Lege to register with the state and then file monthly reports about their bloggerly efforts. Here's my registration right here, Senator. (WFLA)

Last week Erin in the Morn previewed Kentucky HB 470, which Frankensteined every anti-trans bill in the country into one omnibus punch the trans people bill. In addition to all the rest of it, it bars mental health counselors from "affirming 'sex specific behaviors that vary from those typically associated with a person’s sex.' It then states that mental health counselors are banned from any of this and by doing so, they could lose their licenses."

[Update: A revised version of the bill that passed the state House yesterday stripped out the provision banning social transition services and threatening mental health providers. The rest of the bill is as terrible as ever, as far as we can tell — Dok Zoom]

This was the scene in Kentucky yestertoday:

Erin's whole thread is must-watch, one mad or anguished or both Kentucky Democrat after another shouting NO into the night. Back in a sec, I need a breather.

Kentuckians are massively against the proposed law, but it's unknown if that's because this poll's wording's kind of confusing as shit. — Spectrum News

A lady WHISTLEBLOWER blew the WHISTLE on the Washington University (Missouri) gender care clinic MUTILATING THE BABIES except oh what, it didn't and it seems to be very Not True? Well we are shook. (STL Today / The American Prospect)

Your refresher on the "major questions doctrine" the Supreme Court pulled out of its ass, courtesy of the Congressional Research Service.

Justice Department wants YOU to sue Donald Trump for the tort of "coup." (AP)

Let's all NERRRRRDS and read a report on why we must cancel the Blue Slip! — People for the American Way

Noah Smith looks at our in-pain children (especially our daughters) and figures: It's probably the phones. Persuasive! (NoahPinion)

Edible landscaping tips? I love you! (Treehugger)

My friend is on this cruise right now. (She has $.) I accept!

I love Lily Allen's Brooklyn clown house! I accept! — Architectural Digest


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