Edward Brooke Does Not Care For Wealthy Old White Man Club That He Accidentally Joined Many Years Ago


  • A terrifying "flash mob" of ten -- five sets of two -- Tea Baggers stormed the Capitol and created a new coalition government with three Birthers. [TPM]

  • Senate likes Edward Brooke. Senate invites Edward Brooke to fancy ceremony. Senate gives Edward Brooke fancy gold medal. Edward Brooke accepts gold medal from Senate. Edward Brooke poops all over Senate. [The Caucus]

  • Why must Matt disrespect Billy Corgan so thoroughly? Some believe in H1H1, some don't. And some are agnostic. Is that so wrong? [Matt Yglesias]

  • Hillary Clinton chanted the famous muslin prayer "Death to America" whilst prostrating herself before the holy shrine of Osama bin Laden. When will it end? [Gateway Pundit]

  • NEW MALKIN DIAGRAM! This week: the molecular structure of the Red Menace. [Michelle Malkin]


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