Edwards Aide May Go To Jail, For Showing Edwards Sex Tape On Big Screen Teevee


Sleazy but "better than John Edwards" personAndrew Young, who illegally sucked John Edwards off every night before bedtime until realizing "hey I can write a tell-all and make big bucks," is in super big-time trouble. A judge is threatening to send him and his wife Cheri -- that's his real wife; his fake wife is Rielle Hunter -- to jail for lying, on the record, about how many people they showed the John Edwards Sex Tape. Was it just a few agents and one ABC News producer, in public, as they suggested? Or was it to all sorts of New York journalists on his big screen teevee, late at night, during epic masturbation parties?

Andrew Young previously said he showed the sex tape to a producer for ABC and two book agents. After that, lawyers for Rielle Hunter, Edwards' mistress who Young says also appeared in the video, produced an affidavit from a ghost writer who previously worked for Edwards, Robert Draper of New York.

Draper swore in the document that on March 31, 2009, he and Young met at the Youngs' house. After Cheri Young had gone to bed, Andrew Young offered to show Draper the sex tape and played it on a big screen television in his office from his laptop, which suggested there was a digital copy stored on the laptop.

Young has turned over the original tape and a VHS copy. Federal agents have a DVD copy, but Young has sworn that other copies do not exist. He also did not disclose that he had shown it to Draper.

So this Andrew Young keeps it on his laptop and jerks off to it every night, with cool journalists.

Finally, some closure that we can believe in.

Young 'lied' about Edwards sex tape; judge considering contempt [Charlotte Observer]


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