Edwards, Obama, Iowa and... O.J. Simpson?

Uh, whuhJohn Edwards was stumping in Iowa this weekend when an older gentleman wanted to know what Edwards would do about the crisis facing this country that had been "sticking in [his] craw" for a while. That crisis, which the man in question felt the President of the United States needed to solve was how, in the O.J. trial, "The black jury in Los Angeles, the reason they found O.J. not guilty was 'payback.'" Edwards was all... um, what the fuck, dude, that was like 12 years ago! But the old guy pressed his case.

You see, Obama hasn't yet denounced the 12 year-old O.J. verdict, and the old racist just wanted to be sure that if Edwards got into office, he wouldn't seek payback for the sins of white America like all the black people of America would apparently be pressuring Obama to do. He explained to Edwards, "If he should become elected, you think Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey are going to let him forget about that and their obligation?" Because, obviously, there's like a black version of the totally-true Zionist Papers out there which commands black people to band together to keep Whitey down.

Edwards, despite being white, still managed to lose the guy's vote by telling him that he intended to try to "create the kind of opportunities for African-Americans that all Americans are entitled to." Poor guy. Everyone's so anti-Mexican in this Presidential race, where is a good old-fashioned anti-black-people racist supposed to turn?

The Obama racial subtext surfaces in Iowa [MSNBC]


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