Wonkette usually has a pretty hard and fast rule against writing about Omarosa Manigault Newman, because oh my God, one reality TV idiot in the White House is enough, thanks. But now she, who left the White House under questionable circumstances at best, has gone and written a book, so break our rule we must. And no, we are not going to Fire And Fury it up in here at the Wonkette, because though Michael Wolff's work is often sloppy, he still has a shred of credibility. Omarosa, on the other hand, is ... Omarosa.

But good God, she is telling some specific stories, and they sure do seem like they might be true. SPOILER, a bunch of them are about Donald Trump being balls-out racist, which is just factcheck OBVIOUSLY.

The write-up in The Guardian says Trump used the N-word all the fucking time when he was hosting "The Apprentice," and that it's on tape. Tom Arnold says that too. Pretty sure that's a quorum! (Manigault Newman says she has lots of Trump tapes, because she did wire tapps to him all the time. And if that is true, how many wire tapps do you think every hostile intelligence service in the world has in the White House right now? ALL OF THEM KATIE, or even more than that?)

Look at how Omarosa says Trump allegedly speaks about George Conway, husband of Kellyanne, who is half-Filipino:

Would you look at this George Conway article?" she quotes the president as saying. "F**ing FLIP! Disloyal! Fucking Goo-goo."

Both flip and goo-goo are terms of racial abuse for Filipinos.

WHOA IF TRUE. We should note that none other than George Conway says this claim is bullshit, and as evidence says he didn't really start going hard after Trump until after Omarosa was quit-fired from the White House.

But if it is true ...

Well if it's true, for one thing, can we just say we are not surprised at how old-timey Donald Trump's racism is? It's so specific! It so very much sounds like the words of an old septuagenarian racist New York real estate developer who was raised by a racist New York real estate developer who got arrested at a Klan rally -- New York of course being a town where once upon a time, there was a different neighborhood for every ethnicity and everybody was racist at each other.

Also, if there is even a shred of credibility to this, then KELLYANNE CONWAY, HOW DO YOU STAY WITH HIM? No, by "him" we do not mean with your husband, though we're a-guessin' one of you has been sleeping on the couch a whole lot over certain George Conway tweets about the president. We mean how do you stay with your other man, the one who allegedly yells racisms about your beloved husband? Have you no shame! Have you no care for your marital vows, which presumably at least implied that if your employer calls your husband a "flip" and a "goo goo," you MUST INPEACH?

Jesus, Conway. Allegedly.

Here is more about Trump's racism, according to Omarosa:

In another damning passage, she describes his "broken outlook" and how "the bricks in his racist wall kept getting higher", wondering if he did "want to start a race war". She adds: "The only other explanation was that his mental state was so deteriorated that the filter between the worst impulses of his mind and his mouth were completely gone."

Gonna go ahead and mark everything in that paragraph as factcheck true. Building a wall out of racist bricks? AYUP. Maybe wants to start a race war? Well, Omarosa is just saying she wonders. President Sundowner being so mentally deteriorated his brain can't even control his mouth? Uh, yes, judge, may we introduce into evidence Donald Trump's entire presidency, if it please the court?

The Washington Post has its own write-up, which says that according to the book, the Trump campaign offered Omarosa a $15K a month job if she would agree to STFU about her time in the White House, courtesy of this one lady named Lara Trump. She did not take that offer, she says.

The book also says Donald Trump eats paper. Like puts it in his mouth and eats it. Factcheck OH WHY THE FUCK NOT, the man looks directly at eclipses, who gives a shit what he eats. Maybe he does!

It also says Trump has a tanning bed in the White House residence, so we'll just leave you with that mental image, of Trump's chunk body in the glow of a tanning bed, his old balls oiled up for maximum frying.

You've seen those ridiculous goggle spots around his eyes, it could totally be true.

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