Elderly Iowa Candidate Caught Trying to Prostitute Himself

Cocktober, you left us too quickly! So what is this now, "Nov-member?" Hm. We will have to work on the name. Meanwhile, here is the month's inaugural illicit political sex story: Ben Clifford Dawson, smiling here like a wicked little minx, is an 83-year-old Centerville, Iowa city council candidate who was arrested for prostitution after allegedlyoffering up his wobbly ol' haunches to a lady in lieu of a payment she owed him for a loan. In other words, about a "6" on the political sex scandal meter, with points deducted for "dude on lady" but special extra credit added back in for "senior citizen gigolo."

Dawson for his part is going with the "durn tricky women 'n their devil wiles" defense, except much like in Herman Cain's case, there's annoyingly not just one woman who has accused him of this gross stuff. WOMEN, THEY ARE A CONSPIRACY.

From ABC News:

Ben Clifford Dawson, 83, is running unopposed for a city council seat in the Nov. 8 election in the small town of Centerville, Iowa.

“We had three previous reports of activity like this on him in years past,” said Tom Demry, Centerville police chief.  “This is just the first time we had enough to charge him.”

Dawson, who Demry said is well-known in the town where “everyone knows everyone,” told ABCNews.com that the charges were all a lie perpetrated by the alleged victim who owed him money.

Eh, screw City Council. This guy should be running for Senate. [ABC News]


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