'Elderly' Swedish Woman Smites Men's Rights Ass Hat, Does Mitzvah For Entire World

With XOJane gone, it seemed only natural that some site, somewhere, would pick up their "It Happened To Me" beat -- but who would have thought that site would be the MRA/PUA/SOB site Return of Kings?

Up on their front page right now is the article I screencapped above, tragicomically titled "I Was Attacked By An Elderly Swedish Woman For Putting My Girlfriend In Her Place," in which contributor William Adams recounts the harrowing tale of how a 50-year-old (old as the hilllls!) woman confronted him when he was merely standing on the street, yelling at his girlfriend about how she needs to listen to him. Un...fair?

If you are not familiar with Return of Kings from our various jaunts to the manosphere, it is at this point that I should probably explain that these dolts have basically LARPed themselves a bizarre and misogynistic alternate reality that is completely divorced from the actual world the rest of us live in. They think they are "kings" and that women are supposed to treat them as such, so it is very upsetting for them when they find that their behavior is not actually considered acceptable by normal people.

The actual essay itself is bad. Like, structurally bad, apart from anything else. He starts out by talking about how he was mad at his girlfriend because she wanted to leave an outing with his friends early because she was drunk, that she wanted to take a cab for the same reason, and then that she dared to ask him for his coat when he had competed in some kind of Tough Mudder-esque competition earlier that day.

She then consequently asserted that she wanted to borrow my (stylish) jacket, but I was annoyed and didn’t want to lend it to her in that particular situation. The same day I had competed in the Tough Viking contest, which consists of 15 kilometers of running and about 30 more or less physically demanding obstacles. The competition includes swimming and wading in fairly cold water, as well as crawling through thick layers of mud. I thought that if I can do that then she could walk a short distance and realize what it feels like in a very light version.

His jacket was stylish, you guys. In case you were not clear on that. He is a very fashionable misogynist!

He then went further into detail about what a horrible person he is and why no woman on earth should ever date him.

Additionally, I thought that if she occasionally associates with my male friends, then she should talk to us on more equal terms and not be afraid of some realtalk. So while listening to her complaints I raised my voice and semi-yelled that if she would have listened to me in the first place we would not have to walk outside and would already be home by now.

It is at this point that he encounters said Swedish woman. Now, from the title of the article you might think she physically attacked him, but no! Actually she just called him an Ass Hat for yelling at his girlfriend like that and tried to do Cultural Marxism to him. Which I guess seems like a physical attack if your masculinity is somehow that fragile.

Meeting us on the sidewalk, then about 200 meters from home, a middle-aged woman suddenly shows up. She stops next to me and starts yelling directly in my face. Although she looks normal, she unhesitatingly manifests her dislike for my behavior. My girl has started to cry a bit, not atypical behavior for her subspecies. This is about to get worse, I thought, in the glimpse of an eye.

The 50-something bitch sees this and engages in another attack, after I have tried to walk past her in an attempt to ignore and move on. She threatens to “wrestle me to the ground” and calls me an “ass hat,” all while standing two inches from me, looking hostile. She refrains from doing so but does not listen when I stress that it is neither her nor anyone else’s business, and the entire situation is taken out of context too for that matter.

RANDOM SWEDISH WOMAN FTW! Seriously, it is very cool and bad ass of anyone to actually put their own safety at risk in order to help someone in this kind of situation, which a lot of people would have just ignored.

Adams then compares himself to Gandhi -- who, coincidentally, was also pretty crappy to the women in his life. (But, you know, the rest of the time was Gandhi, not this pathetic dick.)

The “conversation” continues for another five to ten minutes and like Gandhi I stoically remain calm. She gabbles her last feminist tenets, hugs my girlfriend, and suggests that she should leave me. Her mission is almost completed. The woman then adds that there is still something good in me and I do not have to be an ass hat. I can change. Then she left. Probably I will remain an ass hat, though, at least as it is understood from the lens of a Cultural Marxist madame.

Yes, it is very, very clear that he fully intends to remain an ass hat!

The lesson to be learned from this encounter, he surmises, is that he did the right thing by not beating that random woman up just to "teach her a lesson." Or something. He explained some more in the comments on the post, when someone suggested he dump his girlfriend for not having shown him the respect he was due:

This is secondarily a question of being childish and not trusting a man to make proper decisions, and primarily about how to respond to anti-male attacks.

Several in the comment section, including proprietor and rape advocate Roosh V, lamented the "fact" that women can call 911 if their feelings are hurt:

Better you were confronted by a grandmother than the police. As long as a woman can call 911 when her feelings are hurt, we are not able to exert our pimp hand (short of violence) to train or punish her in the appropriate way. This is why it's a good idea to record any fight you have with a girl. A simple tablet left on the kitchen table can do the trick.

EXERT OUR PIMP HAND. Right. Why oh why would anyone not want them to "exert their pimp hand" in order to "train or punish" a woman in the "appropriate way"? So weird! It's almost like people who are not fully immersed in the culture of the manosphere consider that to be an abhorrent thing to even suggest.

However, many of the commenters asserted that they would, indeed, physically assault a woman for daring to interfere with them while they are trying to verbally abuse their girlfriends. You know, the girlfriends they all definitely have in real life, who are totally cool with them exerting their pimp hands.

I think it is okay morally to also slap a woman hard in that situation and to mace her down if she doesn't get the hint you do not want to interact with her. It's not legally so, but if I see someone slapping a woman around hard for doing exactly what the OP is writing about, I will turn a blind eye. If it gets legal I will make sure everybody knows it was self defense.

Others said they would dump the girlfriend for having allowed the woman to disrespect him in the first place, to which Adams responds:

My girlfriend is from a relatively traditional country. She is generally really sweet and I don't wanna go in to depth about that anymore here. This is an example of AWALT, I think, and she think that she needs respect and dislikes a raised voice.

AWALT, by the way, is manosphere slang for "All Women Are Like That."

The real lesson to be learned here, aside from the fact that meninists are terrible writers and that Swedish woman is a bad ass, is that misogynists are absurdly fragile. Seriously -- what kind of person writes an entire essay about how they felt "attacked" because someone called them an "ass hat" and didn't let them berate their girlfriend in peace?

But -- although this makes them laughable to some degree when they're going on about how tough and manly they are -- this is also what makes them dangerous and abusive. This is the kind of fragility that kills. I think there is a serious danger, frankly, in these communities making these kinds of men even more dangerously fragile than they already are -- by teaching them that they are entitled to a world that they are not ever going to actually get.

[Return of Kings]

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