Election Day For Some Means No-Work-Day For All*! (*Re: Some)


  • Happy Election Day! Today Chris Christie could lose more than just weight, though really, he could lose some weight. [New York Times]
  • Political capital, political capital Obama Corzine political politics-word capital. [AP]
  • The North Korean Army has taken control of the economy, the country's food supply, their natural resources, etc. [Washington Post]
  • President of Irony (!!) Hamid Karzai—who, you'll recall, won Afghanistan's presidential election without even definitely receiving more votes than his opponent—is suddenly so concerned about corruption. Classic projection is what this is. [CNN]
  • Two of Britain's biggest banks—think: about the size of any random American ATMs, like right?—agreed to withhold executive bonuses in exchange for $40 billion "pounds." (This is one of Corzine's famous Christie Fatjokes.) [Times Online]
  • Hillary Clinton has been really going the extra mile lately in terms of trying to convince all Muslims on Earth to refrain from hating her. [Reuters]

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