Election Recycling: A Crook Here and Crooks There Edition

Kerry_rocks_is_probably_the_best_they_can_do Democrats, moderate Republicans, and European officials complain of Bush's bubble. Hagel: "This administration has seen Congress as an enemy and a constitutional nuisance. The world right now is in trouble, and we need to have a Congress and a president and an executive branch that's working together." [NYT]

Bush to outline Iraq's transfer of power in speech tonight. [BG]

Wall Street donates $12.14 million to Bush, $2.7 to Kerry. [WP]

When told of Bush's bike accident, Kerry reportedly said, "Did the training wheels fall off?" [WT]

Bush twins graduate into media frenzy. [WP]

Job growth in some swing states outpaces national average. [USAT]

Hastert steps into spotlight to become partisan player. On Kerry: "He has never been engaged in any of this stuff and then he comes out and talks about a crook here and crooks there; it really irritates me that he has never been part of the process, in my opinion." [NYT]

Daschle-Thune race underscores election pressure. [NYT and USAT]

Nader asks Kerry to condemn new anti-Nader group. [WT]

Protesters brainstorm about GOP convention though no permits have been issued; New York deemed illogical. [NYT and NYT]

Kerry lacks a campaign maestro. "It's like a table at the United Nations," says radio host. [WT]

Teresa supports environmental groups, runs an unconventional campaign. [BG and USAT]

Resignations and shifts in cabinet expected if Bush is re-elected. [USAT]

People for the American Way aims to increase black turnout in Florida despite voters' trepidation. [NYT]

MoveOn.org decides against using hooded Statue of Liberty in ads. [USAT

[AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall]


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