Election Recycling: A Toxic Mix Edition

john kerry consults his playbook for today's position on iraq WP/ABC poll: Bush leads 51 to 45 among likely voters despite increasing doubts about Iraq; swing voters unconvinced by Kerry, who "has yet to break through." Slim majority say war was not worth fighting; 87% paying attention to race. USAT/CNN/Gallop marks 8 point lead for Bush among likely voters. [WP, USAT]

Bush, Kerry in heated air war over Iraq. Bush attacks flip-flops, Kerry says Bush "still doesn't get it." MoveOn to debut testimonial spot featuring mother of fallen soldier. [WP, NYT, USAT, BG, LAT]

At debate, Bush to use humor and plain language to highlight Kerry's inconsistencies while Kerry must rally base with spirited offensive. [WP]

Debate commission will enforce agreement without signing. [NYT]

KE04 counting on absentee ballots in Iowa. [NYT]

Bush sees rallies as "fertilizing the grass roots"; phone banks set up on site for excited volunteers. [NYT]

Terrorists not interested in effecting race; threats result in heightened alert approaching election. Bush officials express concern. [NYT, USAT, LAT]

Kerry would convene summit of nations regarding Iraq. [BG]

Anti-Bush voters look longingly towards Kerry. [WP]

New Hampshire a surprise swing. [WP]

Campaigns invest in canvassing throughout Wisconsin.


Kennedy calls handling of Iraq "a toxic mix of ignorance, arrogance and stubborn ideology." [NYT]

With Halliburton attack, Kerry makes knot of loose tie. [NYT]

Campaigns risk use of bin Laden in campaign ads; could remind voters he's missing or evoke Bush's praised handling of 9/11. [LAT]

Federal legislators call for paper records of e-votes. [USAT]

"Nascar dads" uncomfortable with attention. [USAT]

Allawi speech just echoed Bush. [WP]

Museum of the Moving Image offers online archive of campaign ads. [LAT]

[Brian Snyder/Reuters]


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