Election Recycling: Beats Daddy's Money Edition

the_interns_look_sort_of_creepy Bush outlines prospects for second term, raises $22 million for Republican candidates: "Government should never try to control or dominate the lives of our citizens. . . government can and should help citizens gain the tools to make their own choices and to improve their own lives." [WP, NYT, LAT, BG]

Kerry leads Bush 2 to 1 among Latino voters; most dissatisfied with Iraq, war on terrorism. Kerry starts new Spanish-language ad. [WP, NYT]

Image of Bush as leader on security may be eroding. Luntz: "If that underpinning comes apart, then so does his support." [WSJ]

White House counsel, possibly Bush aides, knew of Berger inquiry. [NYT]

9/11 report points fingers at Bush, Clinton administrations. Said Democratic aide, "There's a complete absence of action by the Bush administration for the rest of August [2001]. Except if you count barbecues." [NYT]

BC04 rapid responses hope to ease Kerry's convention bounce. [WT]

Voters seek commander in chief. Political scientist: "[N]ational security 'really matters now.'"[USAT]

BC04 woos African-Americans, with Don King's help. Kemp: "We've never done enough. . . We had a great history with African-American voters, and we walked away from it." [NYT, WT]

Tension boils between Kerry, Nader. Independent candidate plans media availability for convention weeks. [WSJ]

Few discuss election terror threat. Chairman of Election Assistance Commission: "The two threats to our being prepared are these: fear that discussing the issue is a de facto invitation to a terrorist event, and that the issue has been so politicized that we can't even have a rational conversation about it." [LAT]

Kemp, Armey to counter Kemp: "We believe that hard work beats daddy's money." [WT]

Kerry would focus on crime by urban youth, institute zero-tolerance for gang violence. [BG]

Democratic delegates more liberal than Kerry-Edwards on gay marriage. [USAT]

Ad executives critique KE04 ads. "Three Minutes" called "the most interesting," even though "It doesn't address the issues, but it was a rousing commercial." [WSJ]

New York protesters take "high road," accept distant location. [NYT]

Republicans organize nationwide community service during convention weeks. [NYT]

Kucinich to endorse Kerry today. [NYT]

Left-leaning documentaries dominate box office. [WP]

In Boston, groups complain about protest barriers. [WP]

ABC to broadcast C-SPAN-style on obscure digital channels ("They are named in on-screen program guides as 7.1, 7.2 and so on.") and online. Other networks are unimpressed. "We have cable news channels, so we don't need to use a digital subchannel," said Mark Lukasiewicz, the producer of NBC News. [NYT]

"This Land Is Your Land" cartoon receives 5 million hits in a week. [LAT]


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Look, it is your afternoon Nice Times at the Supreme Court! It is also your WUT and HUH Times, with Justices Thomas, Sotomayor, Kagan and Gorsuch joining in an opinion by RBG tossing a challenge to Virginia's new, fair districts. Go know!

After the 2010 Census, Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates did what they do best -- they stole more elections, redrawing the electoral map to ensure themselves a supermajority for all eternity. Why let the voters choose their representatives when the representatives can pick their own voters as the founders intended, right? Voters in 12 of the affected districts sued the Virginia State Board of Elections in 2014 to invalidate the districts as illegal racial gerrymanders, and the House of Delegates intervened in Bethune-Hill v. Va. State Bd. of Elections to support the Board and defend its own power.

After extensive litigation including a trip up to the Supreme Court in 2017, the District Court in the Eastern District of Virginia tossed 11 of the districts as illegal racial gerrymanders and ordered the maps redrawn in 2018. At which point, the Commonwealth of Virginia noped out and quit defending the old, craptastic districts, which should have been the end of it.

BUT NO. The Virginia House of Delegates, which is still held by the GOP despite their party netting nine percent fewer votes than Democrats in the 2017 election, vowed to fight on.

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