Election Recycling: Beats Daddy's Money Edition

the_interns_look_sort_of_creepy Bush outlines prospects for second term, raises $22 million for Republican candidates: "Government should never try to control or dominate the lives of our citizens. . . government can and should help citizens gain the tools to make their own choices and to improve their own lives." [WP, NYT, LAT, BG]

Kerry leads Bush 2 to 1 among Latino voters; most dissatisfied with Iraq, war on terrorism. Kerry starts new Spanish-language ad. [WP, NYT]

Image of Bush as leader on security may be eroding. Luntz: "If that underpinning comes apart, then so does his support." [WSJ]

White House counsel, possibly Bush aides, knew of Berger inquiry. [NYT]

9/11 report points fingers at Bush, Clinton administrations. Said Democratic aide, "There's a complete absence of action by the Bush administration for the rest of August [2001]. Except if you count barbecues." [NYT]

BC04 rapid responses hope to ease Kerry's convention bounce. [WT]

Voters seek commander in chief. Political scientist: "[N]ational security 'really matters now.'"[USAT]

BC04 woos African-Americans, with Don King's help. Kemp: "We've never done enough. . . We had a great history with African-American voters, and we walked away from it." [NYT, WT]

Tension boils between Kerry, Nader. Independent candidate plans media availability for convention weeks. [WSJ]

Few discuss election terror threat. Chairman of Election Assistance Commission: "The two threats to our being prepared are these: fear that discussing the issue is a de facto invitation to a terrorist event, and that the issue has been so politicized that we can't even have a rational conversation about it." [LAT]

Kemp, Armey to counter MoveOn.org. Kemp: "We believe that hard work beats daddy's money." [WT]

Kerry would focus on crime by urban youth, institute zero-tolerance for gang violence. [BG]

Democratic delegates more liberal than Kerry-Edwards on gay marriage. [USAT]

Ad executives critique KE04 ads. "Three Minutes" called "the most interesting," even though "It doesn't address the issues, but it was a rousing commercial." [WSJ]

New York protesters take "high road," accept distant location. [NYT]

Republicans organize nationwide community service during convention weeks. [NYT]

Kucinich to endorse Kerry today. [NYT]

Left-leaning documentaries dominate box office. [WP]

In Boston, groups complain about protest barriers. [WP]

ABC to broadcast C-SPAN-style on obscure digital channels ("They are named in on-screen program guides as 7.1, 7.2 and so on.") and online. Other networks are unimpressed. "We have cable news channels, so we don't need to use a digital subchannel," said Mark Lukasiewicz, the producer of NBC News. [NYT]

"This Land Is Your Land" cartoon receives 5 million hits in a week. [LAT]



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