Election Recycling: Dry and Dispirited Edition

think_they_bought_thatBush outlines five-point plan for Iraq, offers to destroy Abu Ghraib: "I sent American troops to Iraq to make its people free, not to make them American." Kerry: "That's going to require the president to genuinely reach out to our allies so that the United States doesn't have to continue to go it alone." Many questions still unanswered; Bush's approval rating down to 41 percent, according to CBS. [WP and WP and and NYT and LAT and WSJ]

WP-ABC Poll: Bush's approval down to 47 percent, attributed to softening Republican support; Kerry, Bush tied at 46 percent; approval of war on terrorism handling at new low; 65 percent say U.S. is bogged down in Iraq; 58 percent say Bush lacks clear plan for Iraq. 57 percent disapprove of prisoner-abuse scandal handling; Kerry leads on economic issues, Bush leads on national security issues. [WP]

Pressure on Kerry to outline alternative Iraq plan; CBS finds nearly two-thirds say country is on the wrong track. [LAT]

Shales:"Bush didn't look terribly convinced by his own argument. . . nor did he appear all that thrilled by his five-point plan. . . Last night's speech was clear enough but also dry and dispirited. Not even the military audience gave the impression of being enraptured." [WP]

Bush's "Maverick" program attracts illusive under-40 demographic; 74 supporters raise nearly $7 million. [WSJ]

Kerry: "Let's ensure that no young American soldier has to fight and die because of our dependence on foreign oil." [WT and USAT]

Conservatives complain about Bush's deal for judicial nominees. [WT]

GOP launches 527s. [WP]

Kerry's bio ads appear to have worked in his favor. [USAT]

Michigan and New Jersey, blue states, may swing; swing states experience "voter fatigue." [WT and USAT and USAT]

Nader calls for impeachment: "The founding fathers did not want the declaration of war put in the hands of one man." [NYT]

Profile of Kerry's "body man." David Wade: "When all hell is breaking loose, it's still important to Marvin to be Marvin." [LAT]

Hillary warns of limited freedoms and state based on fear under Bush. [USAT]

Boston reacts to possibility of a nomination-less convention. [NYT]

Campaign ads found to be frequently misleading and inaccurate. [NYT]

[AP Photo/Gerald Herbert]


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