Election Recycling: Everything's Going Up Edition

so_this_is_what_a_black_person_feels_likeKerry camp expected to decide this week about delaying nomination acceptance. [WP and LAT]

Bush, as former oil man, is vulnerable to high gas prices. [WSJ and USAT]

"Echo chamber" develops as candidates focus on same issues in same cities; similar approaches to Iraq. Jim Jordan: "With relatively few states in play, relatively few voters settling things in those states, and relatively few issues likely to move those voters, copycatting is almost inevitable." [WP and NYT]

"The money is not there" for Bush's Iraqi prison proposal, according to a Democratic aide. [WP]

Bush seems worry-free. [USAT]

Kerry says a new president could "clear the air" with allies, pledges to make a military draft "unnecessary." [NYT]

Bush promotes health care in Ohio. [LAT and NYT and WT]

Kerry attacks Bush on economic policies: "My gosh, everything's going up except the earnings of average Americans, which are going down in the United States, and that's wrong." [LAT]

Bush denies Iraq veto power over U.S. military operations; pressure grows from foreign leaders including Blair. [WT]

Critics of Bush getting louder, faster. [WT]

RNC says left-wing rhetoric blurs with Democratic insults. [WT]

GOP eyes California. [USAT]

Shadow campaign aims to stop Nader. [BG]

Kerry calls millionth online donor. [USAT]

Gore, agreeing with Nader, to call for resignations of administration officials over Iraq policies. [WP and WT]

Gephardt: McCain "would be accepted by the Democratic Party." [NYT]

Kerry's new campaign jet includes standup bar and parachutes. Kerry: "In the event of an emergency, my hair can be used as a flotation device." [USAT]

Networks would have aired Bush's speech if asked, says CBS executive. [WSJ][AP Photo/Don Ryan]


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