Election Recycling: Florida Has Changed Edition

ive_got_a_secret Memo was sent to Bush regarding terror interrogations in 2002. [WP and WSJ and WT]

Kerry: "I had quite a few meetings with him. I met with Reagan a lot more than I've met with this president." Kerry visits casket. [NYT and USAT and BG]

Approximately 100,000 visit Reagan. [NYT and LAT]

Many Republicans bonded to Reagan. [WP and WT]

Complicated relationship between Bush, Reagan families. [NYT]

Kerry sticks to poor description of economy. [LAT]

Reagan influenced both candidates; both seek to use legacy. [USAT and BG]

Kerry attempts Clintonism. [BG]

Bush, Kerry close in Michigan. [USAT]

Both campaigns view Columbus as microcosm of nation. [NYT]

Boston anxious as convention nears; union picketing could erupt. [NYT and WT]

Clinton book promotion plans include audio excerpts; no serial rights. [WP]

New Media Fund ad targets Cheney, Halliburton. [LAT]

Republicans embrace Zell Miller. [LAT]

Hastert pushes bill to increase political involvement of religious leaders. [WP]

Study finds viewers growing partisan; Republicans increasingly distrust the media [WP and WT]

Florida has changed, political split has not. [USAT]

New worries about voting, felons, and errors in Florida. [NYT]

Backup system recommended for electronic voting. [NYT]

[AP Photo/Katsumi Kasahara]


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