Election Recycling: Fresh Doughnuts Edition

do_you_smell_something Kerry leads Bush 51 percent to 44 percent nationwide, says LAT poll; Bush leads in battles for Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin. [LAT and LAT]

BC04 to do a dry run of its get-out-the-vote strategy in key states including Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania; in Florida, 10,000 volunteers to make over 350,000 phone calls over 72 hours, interrupting some potential voters on the national day of mourning. [AP/Gainsville Sun]

Kerry uses relationship with Reagan to make subtle criticism of Bush's treatment of congressional Democrats. [NYT]

Bush "shuffles to the center" as Rove's "guns, gays and God" strategy falters amid voter concerns over the economy, unemployment, and oil prices. [FT/Yahoo]

John Edwards uses his "One America" PAC to "wag[e] a passive-aggressive bid for the vice presidency." [BG]

Bush, Chirac debate NATO involvement in Iraq. Chirac: "We must stand ready to help. But we must also take care not to provoke. For that would be to risk feeding extremism and falling into the fatal trap of the clash of civilizations: precisely what we wish to avoid." [WP]

Political liberals meet in Washington to "take back the Bible" from the religious right. [WP]

G-8 Summit offers "Rumor Control" hotline, 1,200 fresh doughnuts per hour. [WP]

Supporters link Bush, Reagan. [WT]

Iraq news eclipses good economic figures. Holt: "Security underlies our feelings about prosperity." [WP]

Bush, relieved with positive developments, now willing to talk. [WSJ]

GOP wants Zell Miller to remain a Democrat, speak at Republican convention. [The Hill]

[AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson]


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