Election Recycling: Get the Party Started Edition

hailkerry.jpg Bush plans to determine intelligence restructuring plans over next few days; may make changes without Congressional approval. [WP, LAT]

Convention to present positive tone; Clinton, Gore to relive the '90s. Michigan governor: "This is about persuasion. It's not about rallying the troops." Kerry attends Sox game. Kerry: "Four more years of what?" [WP, NYT, NYT, NYT, WT, WT]

Kerry campaigns in Ohio neighborhood, between Bush lovers and haters. Kerry: "I am not here to be critical, but I am here to be comparative." [WP, LAT, LAT]

Pressure mounts on Kerry for bounce, ratings, appeal to swing voters. [LAT]

Kerry fights "impression that he is the liberal nominee of a liberal party meeting in the mecca of liberalism." [NYT, USAT]

Conservative Democratic candidates skip convention to avoid liberal label. [WP, ]

At convention, all hail McAuliffe. [WP]

Clinton, a magnet of Democratic love, knows this is Kerry's turn; Clinton ups ante on Bush. [WP, LAT]

Ron Reagan's speech a coup for Democrats and stem cell proponents alike; issue to enter fray. [WP]

Money pours into new culture war over gay marriage. [WP]

Eyes on Barack Obama, keynote speaker, and "future of the party" posterchild. [NYT]

Edwards learns his vice-presidential voice. [NYT]

Kerry profile, Part II. Kerry, during his early Senate days: "I came to do a job, not join a club." McCain: "He is obviously motivated by a desire to restore some kind of bipartisanship that is almost totally absent from the way we do business up here now." [WP]

Gore returns to spotlight at awkward time; pressure is on. [NYT, USAT]

Most protesters already boycotting caged "free speech zone." [NYT]

Bloggers descend on Boston. [WP, NYT]

Anchors talk of minimalist coverage. Lehrer: "The fact that you three networks decided it was not important enough to run in prime time, the message that gives the American people is huge." Anchors regret terms-setting of Kerry interviews; Brokaw jokes about ABC's "two-person digital channel." [NYT, BG]

National Journal, CQ, Roll Call, The Hill execute convention specials. [NYT]

Undecided voters. . . still undecided. "I think it's going to take me a couple more months to really make up my mind." [LAT]

Edwards returns $44,000 to donor facing campaign-finance charges. [NYT]

Verizon laid 4,000 miles of cable and established new exchange (366) just for convention. [NYT, ]

[REUTERS/Jim Young]


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