Election Recycling: Increasingly Loose Edition

she's a wild womanBush, Kerry under pressure from 9/11 commission members to advance recommendations. [WP]

Bush "increasingly loose" on the trail, enjoys raw ear of corn. [NYT]

NRA mobilizes its 4 million members to see through image of Kerry as a recreational hunter. LaPierre: "There are hundreds of thousands of gun owners and hunters in [key] states and the gun issue is worth several percentage points on Election Day." [WP]

Nations reluctant to provide troops for Kerry's internationalization of Iraq. [LAT] Anti-Kerry veterans driven by his lies. [USAT]

Keyes launches bid against Obama: "I'm not going to stand here and with tremendous ease promise you a victory. . . I will promise you a fight." [NYT, WP, WT]

Kerry-Edwards bus tour follows tradition of Clinton-Gore in 1992. Voter: "I watched him at the convention and was cheering from my chair. Now to come out and see him, it's unbelievable." [LAT]

Reverend gets personal with Bushes in Kennebunkport. [WP, LAT]

Kerry reaches out to Native Americans in New Mexico; Edwardses visit Kansas after bypassing supporters there. [WP, NYT, WT]

Churchgoers find friend in Bush. [NYT]

Many voters see apocalyptic stakes in the race, says Brownstein. [LAT]

Some voters complain of loyalty pledge requirement to attend Bush-Cheney rallies. [BG]

Edwards confronts hecklers: "Are you guys really booing the outsourcing of millions of American jobs and doing something about it? That's amazing. . . Show [my children] some good Missouri manners, if you don't mind." [NYT]

Job gains in Wisconsin are mostly in low-paying service industry. [LAT]

On issue of energy, Bush proposes increasing supply, Kerry wants to reduce demand. [WSJ]

Kerry pledges funding of stem-cell research. [USAT]

General Franks says Kerry is qualified to be president. [USAT]

Elderly poll-workers create confusion; average age is 72. [USAT]

[AP Photo/Laura Rauch]


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