Election Recycling: Lighthearted Campaign Tools Edition

leaning_to_the_right_againKerry calls Iraq policy "stunningly ineffective," says war on terror is "primarily" law-enforcement, distances himself from past statements on Vietnam: "The way the president went to war [in Iraq] is a mistake." [WP and NYT and WT]

Woodward: "The president told Tenet several times, 'Make sure no one stretches to make our case.'" [WP]

Rice warns of pre-election terror threats, possibly against candidates: "In some ways, it seems like it would be too good to pass up for them, and so we are actively looking at that possibility, actively trying to make certain that we are responding appropriately." Aznar: "They will be as harmful as they can possibly be, if they can do it. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind." [NYT and WT]

Bush's support among some rural voters is slipping. "I'm right there on the fence. Bush has lost my vote, but I'm just not excited about Kerry either. From where I sit, neither party has much regard for the little man. And that includes farmers." [LAT]

Instability of Iraq puts neocons on defensive: "In late May of last year, we neoconservatives were hailed as great visionaries. Now we are embattled, both within the conservative movement and in the battle over postwar planning," said an official at the Hudson Institute. [NYT]

Rice disputes Woodward account that Bush decided on war in January. [WT and USAT]

Review: Woodward's "often harrowing narrative not only illuminates the fateful interplay of personality and policy among administration hawks and doves, but it also underscores the role that fuzzy intelligence, Pentagon timetables and aggressive ideas about military and foreign policy had in creating momentum for war. . . The resulting volume is his most powerful and persuasive book in years." [NYT]

Economists predict strong numbers benefiting Bush. [WT]

Clinton also received domestic terror threats of al Qaeda. [WT]

Kerry tries to gain support from disenfranchised, anti-war youth. [WSJ]

Bush gets more than triple the coverage of Kerry on cable news channels. [WP]

NYPD anticipates 1,000 arrests a day during the Republican convention; gay groups plan protests. [NYT and USAT]

Bush plans to establish an international peacekeeping force. [WP]

"Lighthearted" internet ads become popular campaign tool. [LAT]

Kerry picks up former Dean supporters. [BG]

Clark: "I believe it is the job of the president as chief executive to provide focus and direction. President Bush did not do that with respect to 9/11." [USAT]

Statuesque, to say the least. REUTERS/Marc Serota US ELECTION


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