Election Recycling: Mistaken Identity Edition

if_your_husband_were_a_tree_what_kind_of_tree_would_he_be Administration officials apologize for abuse of Iraqi detainees, distance Bush from damage; Bush plans interviews today with al-Hurra and al-Arabiya; Rice appears on al-Arabiya, al-Jazeera, and Lebanese networks. [WP and BG and WT]

Bush advocates straight-talk and bold action, calls Kerry unreliable. Bush: "I got a hunch this whole thing might be a case of mistaken identity. Just because somebody has an accent and a nice suit and a good table at a fancy restaurant in New York doesn't make them a foreign leader." [WP and NYT and LAT]

Kerry attacks Bush on education, outlines plan to decrease the high school dropout rate, lower class sizes, and promote mentoring. [WP and NYT and LAT]

Kerry camp denounces veterans group as "the ugly face of the Bush attack machine questioning John Kerry's patriotism." Group denies GOP ties. [WP and NYT and LAT]

Kerry to spend two days in California, aims to solidify support; Bush's team insists he can win there. [LAT]

Kerry stays away from immigration issue as Democrats promote new plan. [LAT and WT]

Brazile says Kerry needs to diversify his campaign. [WT]

Race tied in New Hampshire. [BG]

Republicans hope stance on gay marriage will increase turnout. [WSJ]

9/11 Commission members donate along party lines. [NYT]

Disney blocks Miramax from distributing Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11," a film about Bush's connections to prominent Saudis. [NYT]

Critics say electronic voting is not secure and could lower voter confidence. [WP]

AP Photo/Mary Altaffer


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