Election Recycling: My Support Was Willing

who_loves_ya_babe ABC-WP Poll: Bush registers gains across domestic and foreign issues, leads Kerry 48 to 43; Bush's approval rating steady; Kerry slips in character issues; concern about terrorism and disapproval of Iraq war increases; two in three say casualty rate is unacceptable; 57 percent say country is on the "wrong track." [WP]

Powell on Woodward book: "My support was willing and it was complete, no matter how others might try to impose their policy wishes on my body. . . It was an opportunity to help him write a history, a contemporary history of this period. It was no secret that all of us were encouraged to talk to Mr. Woodward. In my case, it was just a couple of phone calls." [WP]

Woodward: Cheney pushed Iraq from the beginning, celebrated when war was decided; Powell and Bush are uncomfortable together, and competitive; tensions boil between Cheney and Powell. [WP]

Powell may help Kerry among moderate Republicans and independents; Kristol: "It's never good if the guy running against you is quoting your own secretary of state." [WSJ]

Kerry: "Now, if this sounds wrong to you, that's because it is fundamentally wrong, and if [it's] true that gas supplies and prices in America are tied to the American election. . . that is outrageous and unacceptable. It is my prayer that Americans are not being held hostage by a secret deal between the White House and a Saudi prince." Campaign begins new ads to rally supporters. [WP and NYT]

Bush names Negroponte as ambassador to Iraq. [WP]

Bush officials deny funds were diverted to Iraq; Pelosi cries foul. [NYT]

Bush wants Patriot Act made permanent: "The Patriot Act makes it able for those of us in positions of responsibility to defend the liberty of the American people. It's essential law." [WP and LAT]

Kerry plans to attack Bush on the environment; Gallop poll shows little concern. [NYT and WT]

Liberal 527s raise over $20 million in Q1; the Media Fund begins running ad on healthcare. [LAT and LAT]

Ridge says threats will result in tight security for elections and conventions. [LAT]

Bush and Specter join hands for re-election. [NYT]

New finance rules put greater demand on lobbyists. [NYT]

White House is rarely a news source. [WP]

Bush plans to expand eligibility for overtime pay. [WP]

Conservatives urge bishops to penalize Kerry for pro-choice stance. [NYT]

Consultants use M.R.I.s to test reactions to political messages. [NYT]

Nader pleas for anti-war vote, asks for troop withdrawal, names Bush a "messianic militarist." [NYT and LAT]

[Who loves ya, babe? AP Photo/Ron Edmonds]


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