Election Recycling: Not Going Backwards Edition

not_passingBush pledges "full accounting" of detainee abuse, backs Rumsfeld, expresses disgust over new photographs. [WP and NYT]

Bush's approval rating hits new low in USAT/CNN/Gallup Poll. Race tied; Kerry leads among registered voters and handling of the economy. [USAT and WT]

Kerry begins week-long promotion of health care plan: "It is a plan that learned the lessons of our efforts to provide health care in the past. We are not going backwards." [WP and NYT and LAT]

Rove, Powell, and Card think media and Kerry are obsessed with Vietnam War. Rice: "I think the country has moved on." [WT]

Gillespie accuses Kerry campaign of politicizing Iraq prison scandal. [WT]

The Media Fund and America Coming Together shift resources to voter mobilization efforts in swing states. [WP]

Cheney says tax cut worked, economy is advancing. [USAT and BG]

Defense spending creates jobs domestically. Said executive of Armor Holdings: "For us, the economy is great. . . I don't think anyone here is thinking about it that way." [WP]

Nader sues for spot on Taxes ballot. [NYT and LAT]

Pollsters seek Central Florida's undecided voters. [WP]

[REUTERS/Jason Reed]


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