Election Recycling: Not Natural to the Political Process Edition

grimace_brothers Partisans unite to hail Reagan. [WP and NYT and BG and USAT]

Bush campaign weighs use of Reagan; Nancy may appear. Operatives seek early criticism of Reagan by Bush I, Kerry. Gillespie: "The parallels are there. I don't know how you miss them." [NYT]

Kerry suspends campaign, postpones concerts to honor Reagan. [WP and NYT and LAT and BG]

Reagan dwarfs Bush in Normandy and Brokaw interview. Bush on Iraq: "I think it's fair to say that - you know, that - the enemy didn't lay down its arms like we had hoped." [NYT and NYT and WT]

Bush, Chirac agree on U.N. resolution for Iraqi sovereignty. [WSJ and USAT]

Kerry's rhetoric turns optimistic; campaign tries to humanize candidate. [LAT]

Corporations avoid donating to 527s; Kerry benefits. "It reflects what many advocates of reform said: that much of this money was not natural to the political process," says expert. [WSJ]

Dean seeks effective progressive organization, takes lessons from Gingrich, Reed: "Those people were very organized, they were very methodical about what they did."[WSJ]

Study finds swing voters unsupportive of Bush, unsure about Kerry, and generally unenthused. [WT]

Kucinich finds friends in forgotten areas: "'I did it! I shook Kucinich's hand!' a girl squealed." [WP]

[AFP/Paul J. Richards]


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