Election Recycling: Poll After Poll After Poll After Poll Edition

step_right_upKerry will accept nomination at convention; DNC expected to increase fundraising for post-convention spending. [WP and NYT and LAT and BG]

Kerry begins 11-day campaign on national security and foreign policy, including Iraq and terrorism: "We deserve a president of the United States who doesn't make homeland security a photo opportunity and the rhetoric of a campaign. We deserve a president who makes America safer." [WP and LAT and BG]

Bush reelection would mean near universal spending cuts in the 2006 budget, White House memo warns. [WP]

Democrats ponder Kerry's cautious approach to campaigning. Foreign policy advisor: "They've basically made the strategic decision not to attack. Their polls have told them that they should let events take their course, let Bush wallow in their own problems, and that Kerry would suffer from going on the attack." [NYT]

Critics question political timing of terror warning, say Bush needed a distraction. [NYT]

As Bush's Iraq policy eclipses Kerry's, some Democrats say Kerry should call for deadline of withdrawal. [LAT]

Bush camp focuses on Kerry. Mehlman: "The more people know about him, the more they find a Kerry presidency troubling. Poll after poll after poll after poll shows that. . . John Kerry's net numbers have changed hugely." [WT]

1 million new Hispanic voters are mostly located in swing states. [BG]

Kerry camp wants apology from Terry Holt for comment about Kerry's time in Vietnam. [WT]

Civil rights groups warn of voting problems. [USAT]

Gore calls for Rumsfeld, Rice, Tenet, Wolfowitz, Feith, Cambone to go. [WP and NYT and WT]

Kerry lived paycheck-to-paycheck in his "gypsy" years, 1984-1995. [WSJ]

[REUTERS/Larry Downing]


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