Election Recycling: Public Speaking Is Not My Forte Edition

the corn bores me john, it bores me very muchBush, Kerry, at nearby events in Davenport, Iowa, present different versions of the economy. Bush: "The other folks talk a good game. We deliver." Kerry: "It occurred to me that he could come here for a great discussion about America's future if he were really willing to just turn a corner." (Three banks robbed after cop jokes, "It's a good day to rob a bank.") [WP, WP, NYT, LAT, LAT, WT, BG]

Keyes to announce Sunday whether he will accept Republican nomination to oppose Obama. Professor: "It shows some desperation in terms of finding a candidate who will turn things around." [WP, NYT]

Missouri win for opponents of gay marriage expected to spark similar outcomes in other states; eight states will vote on issue in November. [WP, WT]

Kean suggests voters compare candidates' response to 9/11 Report when casting ballot. [NYT]

Kerry, pleased by postconvention standing, goes offensive: "Statesmanship means something. Leadership in building alliances means something." [BG]

Kerry has Iraq on the backburner; Rumsfeld avoids spotlight. [WP, LAT]

Vietnam veteran group purchases ad time to attack Kerry's military service and committment. [NYT, LAT]

Doctors hesitant to embrace Kerry due to fear he wouldn't reduce lawsuits. Republican lobbyist: "What you have here is doctors' enormous frustration over not being able to get anything through the legislative process and along comes John Edwards to personify the whole thing." [WSJ]

Ads run by outside groups help Kerry save money and extend message. [NYT]

After Cheney, Edwards visits Arkansas. [WP]

Kerry detours to town slighted by Bush. [WP]

Edwards, in Tennesse, vows dedication to "racial, educational and economic equality." [NYT]

Wisconsin residents express range of reactions to terror threat. [NYT]

New Hampshire voters split on Bush. [USAT]

Cate Edwards receives on-the-job training: "Public speaking is not my forte." [BG]

Springsteen, Dave Matthews, Dixie Chicks, Babyface and others to hit 34 cities to benefit ACT. [WP, LAT]

[AP Photo/Laura Rauch]


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