Election Recycling: Reagan Still Dead Edition

its_sort_like_a_giant_penisCheney, White House were involved in approval of Halliburton contract, contrary to Cheney's statements. [NYT and WSJ]

Kerry supporters, staff fault candidate for just being un-Bush. [WP]

Bush not Reagan, writes Bumiller. [NYT]

Many Senators want Edwards for VP. Aide: "I'm sure there is some resentment among some senators that this young buck who hasn't even served a full term is out there campaigning for the job. But if you could poll the Democratic caucus anonymously, Edwards would win with 30 votes." [NYT]

Bush plays down Kerry's attacks. [USAT]

Bush, Republicans force Democrats to announce positions, to "embrace or reject Kerry's liberalism." [WT]

Group of retired U.S. diplomats, military officers urge vote for Kerry. [NYT and USAT]

Low-key Vilsack eats attention. [LAT]

Clinton to sell book, Kerry on tour; to stop at "60 Minutes," "Oprah," morning shows. [NYT]

[AP Photo/Jeff Chiu]


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