Election Recycling: Sick of It All Edition

high and outside Bush says transfer of power in Iraq "remains firm," blames Shiite rebellion on cleric Moqtada Sadr: "This is one person, this is a person, and followers, who are trying to say, 'We don't want democracy.'" [WP and WT]

Kennedy compares Iraq to Veitnam, says Bush "created the largest credibility gap since Richard Nixon" and that the war has "diverted attention from the administration's deceptions here at home -- especially on the economy, health care and education." [WP]

Kerry defends his downtime: "I'll put out a positive message, define myself to people � there's plenty of time here." [NYT]

No mention of Al Qaeda in Clinton's final report on national security. [WT]

Bush: "The march to war was a difficult period for our economy. We're now marching to peace. But think what our economy has been through: a recession, an attack, corporate scandals and a march to war. And we've overcome them all." Kerry: "I hope we create jobs. Nothing would be better for our country or for me, because the better the country does, the more people will be open to a broader set of choices that we have in the nation about our future. And on every issue, this administration is moving in the wrong direction." [NYT and WT]

Cheney in 1986: "Let us rid ourselves of the fiction that low oil prices are somehow good for the United States." [NYT]

Blair to visit Bush next week to discuss Iraq. [NYT]

Ads swamp swing states. "It's too soon. We're going to be so sick of all of it. We've got to go through spring and summer and fall. November will never get here. But I guess that's the way the politicians want it," says one voter. [LAT]

Both parties go door-to-door for votes. "It's funny; it's in vogue. Some of us have labored in the trenches of grass-roots politics for a lifetime and fought with the party leadership for more resources. Now it's the thing to do," says one Democratic organizer. [NYT]

Clinton and former aides deeply involved in ousting Bush. [WT]

Nader suffers setback; 259 votes shy of qualification for Oregon ballot. [LAT]

Clinton's boyhood home gutted by fire. [WP]

[The right-hand pitch REUTERS/Jason Reed]


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