Election Recycling: Super Rangers Edition

its_the_shoes_gotta_be_the_shoes Bush "down, but not out," says Peter Hart of new WSJ/NBC poll. Dowd predicts Kerry bounce, but tie after GOP convention. Bush's approval rating at 45 percent; voters mostly split; Bush's support is stronger than Kerry's. [WSJ]

Kerry raises $175 million, outpacing Bush's 2000 record. [BG]

Kerry works on acceptance speech, announcement on running mate likely Tuesday: Vilsack, Edwards, Gephardt, Biden, Nunn. [BG and USAT]

White House faces challenge of spinning rate hike. Republican strategist: "Economists know that's true. However, people's mortgage rates are going up; credit card rates are going up. It's hard to celebrate an interest rate increase from a political standpoint." [LAT]

BC04 taps churches for directories and support. [WP]

Kerry criticizes Bush for mismanagement of troops. [BG]

Kerry opposes drivers' licenses for migrants. [LAT]

RNC announces 62 "Super Rangers" who have raised over $300,000 each. [WP]

Cheney used by Republicans to rally base, by Democrats to raise Bush's weaknesses; Cheney begins bus tour of battleground states. [LAT]

Campaigns play dirty with online ads. "If it's outrageous enough, it gets picked up [by news media], and you get to have your cake and eat it too," says director of GWU program. [LAT]

New ad portrays Kerry as pilot, hunter, hockey player, family man, veteran, and public servant. [NYT and LAT]

Nader receives donations from top Republicans, uses Reform Party to get on ballots, will debate Dean on NPR. [NYT and BG and WP and LAT]

Stern to push for Kerry. [USAT]

Online games gain popularity in campaigns. [NYT]

New site catalogs historical and current campaign ads. [NYT]

[AP Photo/Charles Dharapak]


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