Election Recycling: You Say "Brahimi," I Say "Brandini," Let's Call the Whole Thing Off Edition

nomanisaherotohisvaletKerry starts running ads to introduce himself; Bush's reduced ad buy is all negative. Democrats see vulnerability of BC04: "In this business, when what you're doing is working, you don't take your foot off the gas," said Rep. Rahm Emanuel. [WP and NYT and LAT]

Bush was "intrigued" by new Israeli policy, struggled over wording. "Eliminating taboos and saying the truth about the situation is, we think, a contribution toward peace. Getting people to face reality in this situation is going to help, not hurt," said a senior official. [WP]

Kerry: "Home base for George Bush in this race, as you saw to the nth degree in his press conference, is terror. Ask him a question and he's going to go to terror. . . even though everybody here knows that it has nothing whatsoever to do with al Qaeda and everything to do with an agenda that they had preset, determined." Racicot: "On a day when Osama bin Laden again threatened the United States and our allies, it is disturbing to realize that John Kerry neither recognizes nor understands the murderous ideology of our enemies and the threat that they pose to our nation." Kerry refers to Brahimi as "Brandini." [WP]

Kerry plans to move to the center to appeal to moderate Republicans. [NYT]

RNC attacks Kerry's positions on social issues. Ralph Reed: "The portrait that emerges is that Kerry, on every issue --economic, national security and values-- is out of the mainstream in the South and, I would argue, nationally." Kerry flak: "George Bush can't even see the problems they are facing down South

the job losses, the skyrocketing healthcare costs, the rising college tuition costs and the stagnant wages that have put middle-class families in a world of hurt." [LAT]

Analysis: Bush and Kerry have similar Iraq positions; "War issue Bush's to lose." [WP]

Bush promotes tax cuts in Iowa; Kerry complains about "truth deficit." [WP and NYT]

NRA to launch campaign for Bush. "What you see in John Kerry is a politician that spent his life voting against the Second Amendment. What I see is the same thing I saw in Michael Dukakis and Al Gore. It's an elitist arrogance," said an executive. [NYT]

White House considers National Intelligence Director position. [NYT]

Teresa Heinz Kerry is careful with philanthropic moves; "tries tough love." [WSJ]

Parties financially close in key races. [NYT]

War weighs heavily on voters in Minnesota. [LAT]

Cheney on Chinese TV: "Economic growth is important in allowing individuals to lead lives of comfort and dignity, but material goods alone cannot satisfy the deepest yearnings of the human heart; that can only come with full freedom of religion, speech, assembly and conscience." [WP and WT]

Kerry meets with archbishop to discuss politics and the church. [LAT and WT]

Kerry leads among college students; more would want Bush as a roommate. [LAT]

Kerry is against reparations for slavery. [WT]

Ventura looks to '08. [LAT]

[Tip-toeing through the tulips. REUTERS/Larry Downing US ELECTION]


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