Election Shocker! Meghan McCain Got All Her Midterm Predictions Wrong


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/wN18wmtL0Rc?fs=1&hl=en_US expand=1]

The greatest joy of our election-night liveblogging was the moment, in the wee hours of the morning, that we realized every prediction Meghan McCain had made in her little column about the midterms was incorrect. Then this came into our inbox: "MEGHAN MCCAIN BREAKS DOWN THE MID-TERM ELECTION RESULTS ON NBC'S 'THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO' TONIGHT (NOVEMBER 3)." Oh God, were there ever two greater talentless, pandering dolts to grace their respective "careers"? Too bad Meg's sexual-harassing suitor Richard Cohen wasn't invited to this Algonquin Round Table of stupidity.

The thing about Jay Leno's audience is they would be Teabaggers if they had any idea what politics is or how one goes about voting.

"I think, obviously, it was a big night for Republicans and if I were President Obama, I would be very nervous and not necessarily doing serious interviews with Ryan Seacrest. I would be a lot more concerned with what the American public was thinking... I'm one of the people that still holds the office of the presidency very seriously, and I think it's kind of trashy, I don't know."

Yes, Meghan McCain doesn't know, and that's why it's insane that people pay her for her opinion. Also, she thinks it's "kind of trashy"? Does she want us to break out that boob Twitpic of her? Does she want us to mention how her entire "career" is "kind of trashy"?

"I made some predictions. I am now zero and four... I'm actually a pretty good blackjack player, but I made, I was like, 'Meg Whitman's gonna win, Sharron Angle all the way! And Meg Whitman, yeah!"

So she should pursue a career in blackjack instead of trying in vain to figure out politics? Sounds good to us.

Oh, and Meghan also made fun of Christine O'Donnell because "She will have to actually get a job now," according to Leno. (She won't.) Meg's dad probably "HENGH"ed for a good five minutes after hearing that, and momentarily considered not sending in her rent check this month. [YouTube]


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