Electoral College Officially As Dumb As Typical Trump Supporter

Oh well, America. It's been fun:

It happened late Monday afternoon:

Texas put the Republican president-elect over the 270-vote threshold. Electors had been deluged with emails, phone calls and letters urging them not to support Trump. Two Texas electors cast protest votes against Trump, but in the end he had more than he needed.

Now you'd think it was the pro-Trump Texan electors who unfurled the Russian flag, since they love Russia more than they love their own country, but it was, in fact, anti-Trump protesters who did that, to make a point about what the electors were about to do:

So that is that. Barring an act of a benevolent God, Trump will be inaugurated in January.

Here is how Trump reacted to the news:

Your mouth to God's ears, baby. Oh wait, that's an old tweet, we were being SO SILLY by posting that. Here is how Trump actually reacted:

It was not a landslide, it was a Just Barely and a WEAK! and a SAD! Trump's margin in the Electoral College was minuscule by today's standards, like almost as small as his hands. In fact, with 302 electoral votes, Trump's win is the 46th biggest electoral win ever, out of 58. And we really shouldn't throw around words like "win," since Hillary Clinton won almost three million votes more than he did. Other than those little lies, it's a perfectly fine statement.

For the historical record, here are some things Republican electors were totally OK with, or maybe they just knew they were Fake News made up by the Illuminati and Hillary Clinton (SAME THING DUH!), before casting their votes:

  • Trump's xenophobic, race-baiting campaign, which has demonized Muslims, Hispanic immigrants, Jews, women, LGBT people, black folks, etc.
  • Trump standing by with a shit-eating grin on his face while white supremacists rallied around him, because he was so obviously Their Boy.
  • "Grab Them By The Pussy"
  • Trump threatening journalists.
  • Russia, which is Not A Ally, hacking our election in order to help its puppet win.
  • A man so unhinged he can't even care for his Twitter account responsibly, much less our nuclear codes.
  • A man who knows so little about the world, and yet is so overconfident in his own brilliance, that he doesn't even feel the need to take the intelligence briefings necessary to keep America safe.

SHALL WE GO ON? Because we're getting bored, and you know all this shit.

Anyway, Republican electors (except for the two in Texas who defected) thought all that was hunky dory, so let it be said that no one should EVER refer to them as "patriots" ever again, as long as they may live.

Meanwhile, in Washington state, four Democratic electors went loony and decided not to vote for Hillary. Screw them too.

[AP / The New Civil Rights Movement]

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