Eleven 'American Spring' Patriots And A Dog Still Bravely Trying To Overthrow Obama


Here's a video of the courageous remnant of the 10 million (or a few hundred) revolutionaries who crowded into Washington last month to demand the resignation of the Obama administration and Congressional leadership. They marched very impressively to a spot near the White House and yelled "Remember Benghazi!" and "Remember Seal Team Six!" a few times, and then symbolically turned their backs on the Kenyan Usurper. Then a cop talked to one of them and they bravely walked away, singing a song about their fight for freedom, which goes on. Are you inspired yet?

This is very important, because it means Operation American Spring has established a permanent presence that cannot be ignored. In fact, they are so mighty that their Fearless Leader, retired Army Col. Harry Riley, took a moment away from drawing his generous U.S. Government pension to offer Operation American Spring's assistance to any other protest groups looking to bring down the U.S. Government and swell their numbers by a dozen or so. In an open letter, Riley generously urges "all organizations, groups, and citizens that support Founding Father principles, Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Rights endowed by our Creator, to bring your agendas to Washington, D.C." Once there, they can make use of the "powerful vessel OAS has established on the D.C. Mall" so that together they can "triumph over the evil destruction political power brokers currently occupying Washington, D.C."

And god knows they need to keep at it, for the threat is dire:

The Administration “transformation of America” direction is the greatest threat our nation has ever experienced...Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, were bumps in the road compared to the subjugation Obama is formulating and bringing rapidly on American freedom and liberty.

Unity among “we the people” and our various agendas is the only solution to bringing the destructive socialist, communist leaning movement to a halt. Let there be no personal ambition, no one-upmanship, no pride of success, only a focus on elevating the US Constitution once again as the law of the land and the replacement of elements and figures that are engaged in destruction of America.

Look already at the destruction of grammar and syntax damage that Obama and his crony communist apparatchiks have wielded against liberty language! It's enough to make you Freedom cry banana.

And so, we can only say to the brave babbling patriots of Operation American Spring, thank you. You don't at all sound like you're desperately trying to find another protest that you can tag along with, not one bit.

And please make sure you give that poor dog some water; that stupid shirt you put on it looks hot.


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