Eliot Spitzer's Super-Premium Luxury Prostitutes

He is sorry he spent all that moneyOutrage has swept the nation following revelations that New York Governor Eliot Spitzer probably paid $4300 to meet with a high-priced call girl in Washington D.C. Sure, everybody's horrified and baffled that such a straight shooter would violate the sacred marital bond and betray his constituents' trust. But the real puzzler is this: isn't $4300 a little on the steep side for a lady of the night? Who does this guy think he is, Howard Hughes?

Some scientific online research shows us that $4300 is far, far too much to pay for a prostitute, and that Governor Spitzer is not a smart shopper. He could have flown to Nevada for the weekend and had a fancy hooker at his hotel for the crazy rates those ladies in DC were charging! He could have bought himself a delightful 30-inch Viking gas range, for Pete's sake!

With all its budget woes, New York does not need a spendthrift creep of a governor jetting off to DC to have his needs looked after. At the very least, he should invest locally.

"Client Number 9" Bombshell Affidavit [Page Six]


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