Elise Stefanik Can’t Outrun Her Racist Great Replacement Rants

Friday the 13th, the day before a white gunman drove three hours to murder Black people at a grocery store, GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik from New York, the third-highest ranking Republican in the House, tweeted:

The Republican Party is the party of parents, babies, grandparents, families, and patriotic Americans.

Today’s Democrat Party is the party of Socialists, illegals, criminals, Communist Truth Ministers, & media stenographers. This is why there will be a #RedTsunami in November.

Dan Rather presciently responded, “‘Us' and ‘Them.' Vitriol, hate, and division. I have seen where this rhetoric leads. It is chilling and dangerous.”

Saturday, we all saw where the type of rhetoric Stefanik is pushing inevitably leads. The gunman’s white supremacist manifesto may have said he was radicalized on 4chan, but its content wasn’t so different from Fox News's primetime content or the public statements of Republican leadership.

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Almost half of Democrats self-identify as members of racial minority groups. The party is significantly more ethnically diverse than the United States as a whole. However, the white share of the voting electorate has dropped from 88 percent in 1980 when Ronald Reagan was elected to 67 percent in 2020 when Joe Biden won. Donald Trump would not have needed to bother coup-ing with a Ronnie-sized white electorate.

Democrats seem more in denial of this reality than Republicans, who openly state that Democrats want to illegitimately seize power with the help of minorities and brown immigrants. It’s not just Tucker Carlson or Laura Ingraham, either. Texas GOP Lt. Gov. Dan Patricksounded like a 1990s talk radio call-in listener when he told Ingraham last September:

“The revolution has begun,” Patrick [said]. Speaking about the president, Patrick added: “A silent revolution by the Democrat Party and Joe Biden to take over the country.”

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Biden and the Democratic Party are avowed institutionalists who win elections fairly. There is no “revolution,” but like a common Tom Buchanan, Patrick fears a supposed "rise of the colored empires.” The American Right has become such an overt white nationalist movement that there’s no pretense that incoming migrants might actually vote for Republicans. No, they’re brown and thus an existential threat to “real” Americans’ way of life.

Stefanik had amped up the rhetoric this week. Two years ago, GOP leaders denounced then-candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene. Now increasingly they sound just like her. Seizing on the infant baby formula crisis, Stefanik tweeted, "Joe Biden continues to put America LAST by shipping pallets of baby formula to the southern border as American families face empty shelves. This is unacceptable. American mothers and their babies shouldn't suffer because of the #BidenBorderCrisis.”

Democrats such as Eric Swalwell and Ruben Gallego called out Stefanik for suggesting the government should let children in US custody starve. Other Republicans, including Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, echoed Stefanik’s grossness. The less-than-subtle implication is that Biden and Democrats put “real” Americans last in favor of brown people.

Stefanik pushed QAnon rhetoric when she called Democrats, including her own House colleagues, “pedo grifters.” Her staff would later ludicrously claim that “pedo is not short for pedophile. It is pedo as in children.”

Which led to tweets like this:

Stefanik might take a day off from demonizing half the nation, but she’s certain to pick up where she left off. Slightly less awful Republicans and even many moderate Democrats express shock that Stefanik is so evil. After all, she went to Harvard, which is a snobbish and clueless reason to assume she’s not genuinely racist. Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin called Stefanik a “horrid person” who "believes none of this but is grotesquely ambitious.” How does Rubin know what Stefanik actually believes? There’s no need to mind read or give her some country club benefit of the doubt. Her actions speak loudly.

The Buffalo murders are part of a long line of racial terrorism, and Stefanik is like so many white conservatives (either Republican or southern Democrat) who fanned the flames of hate for their own personal gain.

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