Elite School For Disadvantaged Children Reverses Course, Will Let In Student With AIDS (AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS)

Elite School For Disadvantaged Children Reverses Course, Will Let In Student With AIDS (AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS AIDS)

Oh is it Tuesday Nice Time already? Then it is time to have a story about someone NOT being AWFUL! (With a little "guidance" from the Justice Department.) And that is why you are about to read about a 13-year-old boy who is being admitted to the elite Milton Hershey School (yes, funded by the candy company's trust) for disadvantaged kids even though he has AIDS, and they had denied him entry based just on that fact, out of deference to the health and safety of their other students, but now somebody (the Justice Department) explained the law to them, and they are letting the boy in and they are sorry they didn't at first, and man, Big Government just ruins stuff for everyone (who wants to discriminate against a 13-year-old boy with AIDS), doesn't it?

We will ignore the part of the story where the school defends its previous denial of the boy -- again, based solely on his HIV status, they admitted it -- and we will ignore every other part of the story that we want to ignore, as well. What part of TUESDAY NICE TIME do you not understand???

"Although we believed that our decisions regarding Abraham Smith's [a pseudonym] application were appropriate, we acknowledge that the application of federal law to our unique residential setting was a novel and difficult issue," Colistra said. "The U.S. Department of Justice recently advised us that it disagrees with how we evaluated the risks and applied the law. We have decided to accept this guidance."

Look at those thugs in the government, telling a private school what students it can deny based on federal anti-discrimination law! Where does it get off, and etc? OH RIGHT, it gets off on ensuring equal rights for all Americans or something, pffft. God, it is like it is not even 1989 anymore. Whatever.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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