Elizabeth Warren Defeats Wall Street Treasury Dude, With Fire

Guess who is not resting on her laurels even though she won the prestigious Wonkette Legislative Badass of the Year Award for 2014, and there is not any higher award than that, so why would she need to keep going to work every day? It is your favorite senator from Massachusetts and human flamethrower for justice, Elizabeth Warren!

On Monday, Antonio Weiss, a Lazard investment banker, withdrew his name from consideration for undersecretary of Treasury for Domestic Finance, because Elizabeth Warren was all, "Nah mang, you are way too Wall Street to oversee Wall Street, plus what is even up with the poetry, because I do not read literary magazines." And then she waved her fiery staff in his general direction and said, "You Shall Not Pass!" In the face of this righteous burn, Weiss asked President Obama to withdraw his nomination.

[contextly_sidebar id="bMte8bdH1Ur3uQIfwQOYidxRdKgfjn2L"]We are so extremely pleased when Democrats behave like Democrats, and do things like say "NO" in a firm and loud voice to Wall Street bankers (even if they consistently support Democrats, like Weiss does), whose international transaction and corporate inversion experience is not at all the same as having the experience to oversee domestic consumer protection matters, including regulatory oversight of Wall Street. Some people, like Elizabeth Warren, might even say that type of banking experience is the exact opposite of consumer protection! Especially the corporate inversion part, where Weiss and Lazard led Burger King through a tricky transaction whereby Burger King bought a Canadian company and then, boom, Burger King is now Canadian and pays lower corporate taxes. That is not protecting the American consumer at all, and neither the White House nor Treasury have supported this type of activity, but it is definitely protecting Burger King's bottom line, so that's nice.

We are also pleased when progressive liberals like Elizabeth Warren, Firebender, say "NO" in a firm and loud voice to our very own President Barack Obama, when he starts drifting in a rightward direction. By the way, if you are feeling sorry for Mr. Weiss, please don't even worry about him at all, because although the revolving door stopped for a minute when Elizabeth Warren said "STOP," it started up again right away. Weiss will now be working as a counselor to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, a position that allows him to begin immediately, without Senate confirmation. Elizabeth Warren issued the following statement, as reported by Politico:

We’ve already seen that the new Republican Congress is going to aggressively attack the Dodd-Frank Act. It is critical that the Treasury Department defend the Act from those attacks and push for strong implementation and enforcement of the law. The risk of another financial crisis remains too high, and we should be strengthening financial reforms, not rolling them back to benefit Wall Street.

Elizabeth Warren, Flame Princess, did not end her statement with the words, "Hahaha, BURN! Next?"

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