Elizabeth Warren Is RUNNING! Let's Watch It Live!

Elizabeth Warren Is RUNNING! Let's Watch It Live!

Elizabeth Warren is officially announcing her run for President of the United States today (Right now! As I write this!), in Lawrence, Massachusetts -- the site of the famous Lawrence Textile Mill Strike, often called The Strike For Bread and Roses.


Watch live: Elizabeth Warren makes an announcement in Lawrence, Mass.www.youtube.com

Now, if I were voting in the primaries (I am not, because I have been told I am too far left and should just leave primaries to Real Democrats.), I would absolutely, 100% vote for Warren. Because she knows how to get shit done and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a great thing. It helped people, and goddamnit they should have let her be in charge of it, and I will never stop being mad about that. Because I'm petty.

Elizabeth Warren is good at helping people. She is not a person who is easily scared or intimidated. She knows how to throw down and she knows how to break complicated things down in a way people can understand. That is why literally every video of her speaking went viral for two years. That is why Donald Trump goes after her constantly. She's good.

And that bankruptcy shit is important.

She's made some mistakes in her life, some of which might never have happened had Ancestry dot com existed in 1986. She was also a Republican for a long time. Personally, I like to think that people can change and that we should allow them to do so. If not, I'm not really sure what in the fuck I'm even doing here with my life.

If you are into Elizabeth Warren like I am into Elizabeth Warren, go over and check out our Elizabeth Warren collection at the Wonkette Bazaar!

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