Elizabeth Warren's Gonna Deal With The Post Office And Also All The Other Things

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Elizabeth Warren's Gonna Deal With The Post Office And Also All The Other Things
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Last week, Donald Trump, very bluntly and very frankly, explained that the reason he was fucking with the post office was to stop mail-in voting.

"If we don't make a deal, that means they don't get the money," he told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo. "That means they can't have universal mail-in voting; they just can't have it."

Now, some people might have heard that and thought, "Oh boy, he's gonna be in trouble now." They might have thought that it would cause principled Republicans — the ones they know so well from various television dramas — to clutch their pearls in horror and decide that they could never vote for such a man.

The rest of us know better. We know that there is no rock bottom, that there is no crime he could commit that his supporters would not find a way to justify. We know that he could steal the election, that he could stage a coup and attempt to stay in the White House forever, and that they would cheer him on and figure a way to justify it. Elizabeth Warren knows this too, and that is why, as much as she cares about the fact that he is very clearly trying to steal an election, she is going about this another way.

Because while Trumpists may not care that he wants to steal an election, they may just care that they can't get their prescriptions in the mail. As many people are perfectly willing to die for Trump, willing to get COVID-19 or to take an unproven remedy to cure the COVID-19 they have, they're far less likely to be wiling to be inconvenienced for him. Being inconvenienced isn't a thing that makes one feel like an incredible patriot, the way dying for a cause might, it just feels like being inconvenienced. These are not people who do well with being inconvenienced.

So Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bob Casey Jr. of Pennsylvania are getting together to launch an investigation into how fucking with the post office may very well fuck with the ability of people in rural areas to have their prescriptions delivered to them.

Via Washington Post:

The new inquiry is the work of Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Robert P. Casey Jr. (D-Pa.), who issued a battery of letters to CVS, Walgreens and other top providers on Thursday to determine whether their customers had experienced delays in recent weeks. They cited public reporting and private correspondence with their constituents as they raised concerns that patients may have been forced to go without medication for weeks as a result of policies enacted under the watch of the Trump administration.

"Millions of Americans with diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, asthma, and other chronic conditions, illnesses or health care needs rely on the USPS for delivery of their prescription drugs and are at grave risks if President Trump's efforts to degrade mail service results in delays and disruptions," they wrote. "These health threats are magnified by the ongoing pandemic."


While some prescription distributors are saying that they haven't had a problem, both Warren and Casey are getting thousands and thousands of letters from "seniors and veterans" who say they have had trouble and that they haven't been able to get their prescriptions on time.

They're also not the only ones who have been inconvenienced. Farmers in rural areas have had trouble with the shipments they rely on to do business as well.

Unreliable mail means hundreds of dead baby chicks.

Rhiannon Hampson thought she would hear a cacophony of cheeping when she went to her post office in coastal Maine to fetch a delivery of newly hatched chicks. But the cardboard boxes addressed to her poultry farm were silent.

"We could hear a few, very faint peeps," Ms. Hampson said. "Out of 500, there were maybe 25 alive. They were staggering. It was terrible."

Republicans are not going to care about (actual) election fraud, they're not going to care about accessibility or other people possibly getting sick and dying. Or even themselves or their family members getting sick and dying. They will, however, very much care that they are being inconvenienced.

If people do not understand that there are consequences to their action or inaction, that they can be negatively affected by those actions and inactions, they will not do jack shit about anything. And that goes for both the people and, as it turns out, the Post Office itself.

That is how you handle shit. Not with elegant words and prose and heartfelt ... whatevers. But by making sure they are fucking annoyed, aware of who is responsible for them being annoyed and what it is they can do to make it stop.

[Washington Post]

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