'Elp, 'Elp, I'm Bein' Oppressed

No snark zoneThe Nationalist Movement, which is totes not a group of neo Nazi pig fuckers you shouldn't allow in polite society, "wants" to hold a rally in Jena, Louisiana on Martin Luther King Day. They want to march as a response to the September 20th rally in support of the Jena 6 (pictured) that drew thousands of protestors to Jena. But, um, the government is, like, totally suppressing their rights, they swear!

See the town of Jena, for some craaaaazy reason, wants the neo Nazi pig fuckers not to carry their weapons during the march, to change their proposed route by a block, and to post a bond to cover clean up and/or police costs. And the neo Nazi pig fuckers are complaining that they're being oppressed and are suing the town because "When a group of, say, minorities or homosexuals want to have a parade, they aren't usually required to put up a bond or pay for police or pay for cleanup."

Mayor Murphy McMillin pointed out that the restrictions with which the pig fuckers have been asked to comply have been in place for many years and that the groups involved in the protest on September 20th followed them without a problem. In fact, the 20,000 people who showed up to protest were involved in exactly zero acts of violence or vandalism.

The pig fuckers who totes swear that their rally of neo Nazi pig fuckers would definitely, absolutely, positively dwarf the size of the positive non-violent rally in September have threatened not to come to Jena if their demands aren't met. And, Goddammit, that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that they would have like a couple of hundred neo Nazi pig fuckers show up and then look stupid.

White Separatist Group Sues Town of Jena [ABC News]


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