Oh No, Campus 'Terrorists' Did Terror To Kent State Gun Girl, By Chanting About Diapers
Fox News screenshot gleefully stoled from RightWingWatch

Kaitlin Bennett, that nice young lady who wishes we had a monarchy made of guns, is getting some of the attention she craves this week, after one of her signature efforts to show up on a college campus and make a damn fool of herself asking slanted questions went awry Monday at Ohio University. Students gave her the warm reception that we old-timers used to give Brother Jed Smock when he'd show up and start yammering about forrrr-ni-CA-tion. But a pretty big crowd gathered and started yelling mean things at her, and she eventually fled to the safety of what appears to be either a giant F-350 Crew Cab pickup or perhaps a borrowed AT-AT. Bennett and supporters in the wingnuttosphere have taken to calling it a "riot," and are touting it as the latest example of "the Left's" war on free speech. In various videos taken by Bennett and others, people can be seen jeering loudly, chanting rudely, and a few even threw drinks at the truck.

The Washington Postnotes that

Campus police have said the clash was not violent, did not result in arrests and "did not rise to the level of a riot," emphasizing that both Bennett and the crowd were exercising their First Amendment rights. They acknowledged "strong language and allegations that some unknown person(s) in the crowd splashed water."

Bennett, for her part, has been calling on Donald Trump to please support the First Amendment by eliminating all federal funding for colleges that "harbor terrorists" — the ones who rely not on pressure cooker bombs, but on flipping the bird and tossing soda, which could get in someone's eye.

Since Monday, Bennett has been on a Full Victimhood tour, explaining that the Left is literally trying to kill her and that's why she's such an advocate of being ready to shoot anyone who needs a good shootin'.

Wednesday, Bennett made it to Donald Trump's favorite Executive Time briefing, "Fox & Friends," where she personally appealed to the Great Man to rescue all the persecuted conservatives by eliminating all funding for terrorist universities. Not surprisingly, Bennett was billed as a "gun rights activist" and not as a correspondent for InfoWars, or her current home, the weird libertarian site "Liberty Hangout."

But don't worry, she's a very serious rightwing thought leader now. Bennett explained on Fox that she and her partner in professional wingnut victimhood, Joel Patrick, are far more than mere gun rights advocates. They're making America a better place to live, in some indefinable way.

Both of us are very much more than just gun rights advocates. We're conservative. We're Trump supporters. We are people who believe in the president's message. We're people who stand up for him. And we're people that have been recognized by the White House as people who support him and help his campaign and help him get reelected.

Translation: We trigger the libs, and that is what matters. Further, Bennett explained that her important mission — documenting just how evil the Left is by interviewing people who laugh at her — was thwarted by the conspiratorial schemes of the Left:

They didn't know that I was coming. When I get on campuses usually people start taking pictures, they put it on their Snapchat, on their Twitter. They leak out my location basically, and then that's when everyone knows I'm on campus. I don't announce I'm coming.

If you are in a public place, shooting video in public, it is not really a "leak" of your top secret undisclosed stealth operation.

Then she went on to her big wrapup: Donald, are you there? It's me, Kaitlin.

President Trump, if you're watching—I know you like to watch "Fox & Friends" — please consider what's going on to Trump supporters on college campuses all across the United States. This is not in a liberal place. This is in the middle of nowhere in Ohio. It's spreading. Your students, your supporters on these campuses, need your help to feel safe on campus and to help you get reelected.

She might appear to be calling for a "safe space" of some sort, even.

For all her cries about the intolerant Left, Bennett isn't exactly fond of having her own views challenged by her intellectual inferiors. Here she is sneering and telling a nice progressive Christian gal to shut up, because Jesus loved guns:

Oddly, that didn't make it to "Fox & Friends."

Fortunately, even though she struggles with the burden of constant attention from the rightwing media ecosphere, Bennett remained unbowed, even brave in the face of the relentless conservative adulation. She even boldly taunted the lazy college bums she singlehandedly supports through the taxation of her hard-earned griftdollars:

And yes, this outing did such a fine job of filling the collection plate that she promised there'll be another outreach mission — ideally, armed next time — to the sinners and forrrrr-ni-ca-torrrs:

She really does care. And she will continue to pursue her fight for freedom and publicity, no matter how many cameras are trained on her. And she'll keep it up until she's as big a star as an AM radio market can handle.

Update/Correction: Headline updated. The "riot" was at Ohio University, not Ohio State; Bennett went to Kent State and has sadly tarnished the place by association. Wonkette regrets the error.

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