Empress of Washingtonia's Reign of Terror Continues


  • Michelle Antoinette and King Louis Hussein XIV held a ecstasy-rich dance party in petit-Versailles while the poor American people want only for bread and water. [Gateway Pundit]

  • Adding to her numerous list of decadent crimes, the first lady also terrorized New York city personally, shouting "Let them eat cake!" from Air Force One. [HillBuzz]

  • America's #1 source for contemporary art news, Breitbart, says that liberal artists only create propaganda, which is true, because not all art can be about Ayn Rand. [Big Hollywood]

  • The most patriotic gay confirms fisting within the Log Cabin Republicans. [Gay Patriot]

  • Global Warming is a farce because some idiot farm-astrology textbook says so. [Daily Mail]


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