Endless Cummer Begins: Minnesota Pol Caught With Live Boy -- And The Pol Is A Democrat?

Endless Cummer Begins: Minnesota Pol Caught With Live Boy -- And The Pol Is A Democrat?

Well, this makes no sense at all. A Minnesota state representative was caught having Rest Stop Hijinks with a 17-year-old boy -- and the state representative is a Democrat? No no no, Democratic politicians get nabbed making sex on grown up ladies; it is 100 percent always true forever that if there is a live boy in the equation, the politician in question is a sad closet case Florida Republican or Baptist preacher! Minnesota just cannot keep its shit straight, we guess! Oh well, Democratic state Rep. Kerry Gauthier, who represents Duluth, told the Duluth News-Tribune "I think it's a private matter and I don't need to talk about it." Everybody hear that? Sure, no problem!

The Northland News Center reports:

State Patrol will confirm that one witness approached a trooper around 11 at night on July 22nd to report an incident.

The State Patrol turned the investigation over to the Duluth Police Department. Police spokespeople say they are conducting a criminal investigation but they refuse to say why Gauthier was arrested.

However well placed sources today told the Northland's NewsCenter, the incident involved a 17 year old boy with whom Gauthier was reportedly engaged in a sexual act.

Because the age of consent in Minnesota is 16 it is not illegal to have sex with someone who is 17. However it can be a misdemeanor to engage in sex acts in a public place.

Our sources say Representative Gauthier met the young man on Craig's List and that police are investigating the potential that money changed hands which could make it a criminal matter.

So obviously it is time to shut down CraigsList. Your Wonket thinks we can all agree on that.

[NorthlandNewsCenter, via CityPages]

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