English Exercise Mistaken for Terrorist Threat

CNN reports that a Japanese man was arrested after a stewardess on his flight saw him write "suicide bomb" -- but he was released without charge after explaining that it was, as CNN describes it, an "impromptu English exercise."

In a related incident, White House spokesman Scott McClellan called a press conference to announce that Bush's use of the phrase "weapons of mass destruction" was a similar "English exercise." McClellan added that the President had gotten "a big smiley face" for mastering the additional phrases "uniter, not a divider," "compassionate conservative," and "evildoers." The President will not rest on his laurels, said McClellan: "We've been working a lot on rhymes and alliteration. Also, the correct pronunciation of 'nuclear.'"

Japanese man arrested after writing 'suicide bomb' [CNN]


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