Enjoy This Charming 1984 'Children's Book' About Margaret Thatcher


We remember seeing this book, Raymond Briggs' The Tin-Pot Foreign General and the Old Iron Woman, when it was released in 1984. Any youngsters among the Wonkettariat may need a bit of background on the Falklands War before watching. (Hint: It was a bloody postcolonial fuck-tussle in which Argentina invaded some islands to prove it was King Shit and Great Britain took them back to prove it was Still A Fucking World Power.) We present as a public service this embedded video of a dotty British man, whom we cannot understand in the least, screeching TIN POT TIN POT over pictures of robot-Margaret Thatcher's boobs shooting fire. And that is how it really happened!

Briggs, you may recall, is the artist whose 1982 book When the Wind Blows was adapted into a rather terrifying film which suggested that nuclear war was maybe a bad thing and "civil defense" mere whistling in the dark. This was a useful message at a time when Ronald Reagan and his bestie Margaret Thatcher were occasionally optimistic about the prospects of a "winnable" nuclear war. (It is no longer a useful message. NUKE NORTH KOREA.)

The only other good thing to come out of that incredibly stupid war was, of course, the great headline "BRITISH LEFT WAFFLES ON FALKLANDS."


Doktor Zoom

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