Enough About Us. . . Now What Do You Think About Us?

Karen Hughes, the State Department's newly appointed minister of goodwill to the Muslim world, wants to use the upcoming anniversary of the 9/11 attacks to commemorate the victims of terror across the globe. "The fourth anniversary gives America the opportunity to remind the world that it's about more than America, that it's about all of us," Hughes told WaPo reporter Robin Wright.

We are frankly puzzled. Doesn't the rest of the world already know that it's about more than America by virtue of being the rest of the world? And won't America run the risk of perpetuating its own terminal self-involvement by appointing itself the official reminder of the world's general all-of-usness?

You know, America is really starting to sound like several people we used to date.

Hughes Launches 9/11 Anniversary Image Campaign [Washington Post]


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