Enough With Blaming Chris Dodd For Everything!


Really, thisrigmarole about Chris Dodd being the lyingest liar of liars who is responsible for the AIG bonuses because he took money from their contributors before the company broke down is... weak. Trite even!

For anyone who was paying attention during the final hours of the stimulus package negotiations, it's clear that the Dodd Amendment in its original form offered strict provisions against large bonuses to executives. The administration would not have this and may have even issued a signing statement had it stayed the way it was. So the White House and Treasury department put heavy pressure on Congress to amend the provisions, Dodd and other committee members agreed -- a compromise! -- and the bill was passed. This was Dodd's story, Geithner confirmed it today, it was all pretty much public information anyway, so blame Geithner and his boss, Obama, instead of this one Senator whose plan in the first place was to tighten the belt, or the sphincter, whichever you prefer.



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