Entire Middle East Now Stickin' It To the Man
  • There is so much civil disobedience happening everywhere, except here in terrible America, where it is probably needed the most: Mubarak is in coma-exile, Iran just exploded again, and there's been all sorts of anti-government protests and political unrest in Bahrain,Yemen and Libya. The United States has lots of navy boats stationed in Bahrain, and Barack Obama's precious Predator drones are very busy killing all the browns in Yemen -- so obviously these reasonable demands for basic human rights and political reform are terrifying and horribly dangerous to our National Security and our beloved, XXXXL Homeland. Incredible. [BBC/BBC/NYT]

  • Did we try to smuggle weapons and surveillance equipment into Argentina? Probably! [WSJ]

  • Food prices are at "dangerous levels," so hoard as much canned anus as possible! [BBC]


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