NO. IT CAN'T BE! Does the Republican-led United States Senate have ... a limit? Is there somehow a line they won't cross in this era of "Let's just go along with whatever Batshit McBigMac up there at 1600 Pennsylvania says and who cares if we destroy America in the process?" Turn out the answer to that question is maybe, and the limit is apparently when the crown prince of Saudi Arabia bone saws a Washington Post journalist to death and the president and the secretaries of State and Defense lie about it to their faces.

Senators do not like being lied to, no matter what party they're in. (Unless they're Chuck Grassley and it's Trump people lying about Russia and they're dangling sweet, delicious corn cobs in front of his face. Or if it's Lindsey Graham, when Trump's mouth is open. But otherwise they hate it.)

The Senate has been holding hearings and offering strongly worded resolutions aimed at forcing Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to take responsibility for the Jamal Khashoggi murder, and also stop genociding the fuck out of Yemen and blockading Qatar and kidnapping the Lebanese prime minister and jailing dissidents, and SO ON. In short, the consensus is that MBS is out of goddamn control and needs to be reined in, yesterday.

On Thursday, the Senate followed that up WITH VOTES. Indeed, the Senate voted unanimously to blame MBS for the murder. (Right here, we are using the definition of "unanimously" that means ALL OF THEM, KATIE, because that is what "unanimously" always means.)

On another vote to stop bankrolling Saudi Arabia's war on Yemen, the Senate wasn't quite so UNANIMOUSLY, KATIE, but still voted 56 to 41 in favor. (Seven Republicans voted with the Dems! Mike Lee of Utah co-sponsored it, with Bernie Sanders! The rest of the Republicans voted for "But fighting random wars for no reason is fuuuuuuuuuun," we guess.)

The Senate is DONE with Trump and his raging hard-on for MBS. They are sick of Trump's excuses that "some people are saying" MBS ordered the murder, but other people (MBS and the voices in Trump's head) are saying he didn't, so who could ever know the truth? Sure, we got ARMS DEALS to do. But come on, dude!

Departing GOP Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, chair of the Foreign Relations Committee (who will be replaced in the Senate by Marsha Blackburn, OH GOD, BOB, DON'T LEAVE), introduced the resolution on Khashoggi, stepping up language from last week's resolution, which merely called MBS "complicit" in the murder. Now they're calling him "responsible" for it, as in, he gave the goddamn order and everybody knows it.

It's a different story over in the House of Representatives, which is in Republican control for a few more weeks. House Gippers eat a lot more paste than their pals in the Senate, and they are far more willing to roll over for the Dear Leader. Even when the Dear Leader wants to be best friends with a guy who bone saws Washington Post journalists in half, because they are amoral idiots.

Remember that when Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis briefed senators, there was bipartisan agreement that those dudes were full of shit and they wanted to hear from CIA Director Gina Haspel right the fuck now, goddammit? It didn't go that way on Thursday when Pompeo and Mattis briefed members of the House. Democrats, of course, came out of the briefing saying Pompeo and Mattis wasted their time, but Republicans were more circumspect dumbfuck about it. Extremely hot Illinois GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger -- who is usually only half a moron about stuff like this -- said a real stupid thing after the briefing:

"We recognize killing journalists is absolutely evil and despicable, but to completely realign our interests in the Middle East as a result of this, when for instance the Russians kill journalists . . . Turkey imprisons journalists?" Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) said. "It's not a sinless world out there."

Oh fuck you. We feel like we've said before that Kinzinger best serves himself when he just stands there and looks pretty, and we're SAYIN' IT AGAIN. We should note Trump is also (just incidentally!) all the way up Russia's ass, and that the Trump administration was just recently musing aloud about how maybe we could send exiled Turkish cleric and legal American resident Fethullah Gülen back to Turkey, so Turkey might get to gleefully murder Gülen and forget all about how MBS did all the bone-sawing at the Saudi consultate in Istanbul.

Will the House vote on the Yemen resolution the Senate passed? Pfffffft. What about the Khashoggi thing? Yeah maybe, but don't expect the UNANIMOUSLY, KATIE result the Senate produced.

Regardless, it's good to see what way down deep, Republicans in the Senate still have the tiniest modicum of patriotism, or at least for one moment on December 13, 2018, they did.

[Washington Post]

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