Eric Cantor Still An Asshole: Police Dismiss Shot Fired At His District Office As 'Stray Bullet'


Chickenshit.Eric Cantor, America's Asshole, went on the teevee yesterday to bravely announce he had just been the subject of a Savage Gunfire Attack, so the Democrats better Shut Up about all the death threats and BBQ-propane lines cut and faxes of anthrax. But it quickly became apparent that a) nothing of the sort actually happened, and b) his district office is in a Drug Ghetto where random gunfire is common. And now the police in Richmond, Virginia, have officially announced that Eric Cantor is "a lying sleaze" and that the gunfire in question was a stray bullet shot into the air that bounced off the exterior of his office building, which his district staffers share with all sorts of other tenants. Can we get an old-skool "FAIL" for Congressman Asshole?

First, here's an email we received from a Richmond local who just didn't buy Cantor's crybaby routine yesterday:


I have lived in Richmond VA since 1984.

The office building that Cantor is talking about is not clearly marked as being associated with him, there are no big signs.

It is also not listed on the internet, and seems to be used mainly by a "election consulting company" but turns into his campaign headquarters when he is actively running.

It's right around the corner from the intersection of First and Main.

It' s an area where it is very plausible that some one would just randomly bust a cap off into the air.

It's close to drug selling areas.

Also, the latest police update is that the bullet was fired up in the air and entered the building on a downward trajectory. see above).

I guess it's probably the work of a liberal, anti-Semitic, anti-health care ex-military liberal sharpshooter who took aim from several blocks away.

If someone tried to light up his "Richmond " office in Glen Allen, that seems much more likely as something aimed at him.

Anyway, please remove my name and work email if any of this is useful to you

Thanks, secret Wonkette operative! [TPM/TPM]


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